Vip Collaboration

Visualize Your Shipping Data

Parcel Intelligence that Drives Optimization

The VeriShip Intelligence Platform™ (VIP) provides access to billions of data points that offer greater insights into parcel savings opportunities and common carrier mistakes. With our more than 5,400 customers, we’re able to leverage UPS® and FedEx® benchmarking to provide the most accurate assessment of your shipping profile and visibility into savings and optimization opportunities – without intruding on your shipping processes or carrier interactions, making parcel spend management that much easier.

The VIP provides a comprehensive view of your shipping profile – providing savings details to identify shipping trends over time, new savings opportunities, and areas for optimizing operational changes. Understand the story your parcel data tells with the VIP.

  • Premium Reporting Engine
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Surcharge Insights
  • Dimensional Weight (DIM) Analysis
  • Carrier Rate Impact Analyses
  • Package-level Alerts
  • G/L Coding Plus

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